Owner shows adorable way her deaf dog ‘barks’ and it’s leaving people in tears

A dog owner has posted an adorable video showing how her deaf dog ‘barks’ – and it’s gone viral after melting the hearts of viewers online.

TikTok user @Lind_saymyname uploaded the clip with the caption: “Sound on or off. Doesn’t really matter”, as the sweet exchange racked up more than 600,000 views.

Her dog is sitting on a mat by the door as she repeatedly attempts to bark but produces nothing more than a whisper as her owner asks: “Trying to bark? You barking? Ohh, good bark.”

Owner Lindsay explains: “My dog is deaf. She’s seen other dogs do this but doesn’t know she’s supposed to make noise.”

It was shared to Reddit, where one viewer commented to say: “She is barking and no one will tell the precious baby anything other than that.”

A second wrote: “I love how she looks at the camera like ‘did I do it mom?'”.

Another praised Lindsay for making a fuss over her dog for her adorable efforts, saying: “I love how she uses her ‘talking to an animal’ voice, even though she can’t hear her. I’d like to believe she always does.”

Someone else pointed out: “It’s super interesting that she wouldn’t innately know to bark. I guess that implies that hearing oneself is critical to even recognising the ability to vocally communicate?”

And another dog owner joked: “My deaf dog is never this calm, barks like we’re deaf.”

Lindsay updated her dog’s newest fans with a second video of her pet sleeping through her rise to internet stardom – as she demonstrated her ability to make noise by loudly snoring away.

Her owner said: “My deaf dog sleeping through her TikTok blowing up. It’s actually really hard to wake her without scaring her.”